Open Source e-learning Software Applications Benefits!

Open Source e-learning Software Applications Benefits!

With the advent of e-learning, learning has taken various forms. One can now learn new skills and acquire new knowledge regardless of where one is and when one wants. What used to be a dream is now coming true with e-learning.

In fact, e-learning has brought many learning avenues for a large number of people. With advancements in e-learning technologies, learning has become fun. Commercial software developers are vying with one another to create top-notch e-learning software applications. Many a time, such software applications are not, however, easily accessible to the vast majority of people. This blocks them out from accessing and profiting from e-learning opportunities.

This is where open resource e-learning software comes in handy. Though some critics say that open source software applications have not yet been fully developed to cater to complex learning situations which commercial e-learning software applications can, we cannot overlook its advantages.

Minimal or no Cost: Courses offered through open source e-learning technologies come with either a minimal cost or are absolutely free of cost.

Wide Reaching: With open source software, knowledge-sharing has become an easy and quick process. Besides, learners can have a continuous and unhindered accessibility to the learning resources since there are no payment procedures.

Easy to Customize or Upgrade: Open source e-learning software comes in an easily-customizable fashion. A programmer can access the source code and make necessary modifications to the program so that it functions as per their requirements.

Open source e-learning software applications have great advantages, especially for the disadvantaged sections including support, dependability and proper maintenance. All it needs is a team of amateur programmers who can enrich software applications to provide an authentic and enduring virtual learning experience.

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