7 Online Training Tools – To Train Prospects and Generate Right Leads for Your Business

7 Online Training Tools – To Train Prospects and Generate Right Leads for Your Business

Now-a-days starting a business has become very easy with the Internet. On the one hand, you can sell or buy from anywhere in the world with just the click of your mouse. On the other hand, running a business has also become tough because plenty of choice is now available for the customers.

  • How do you handle this contradiction?
  • How do you attract your prospects?
  • How do you project that you are a leader in your domain?

Well the answer is that the latest Google hummingbird updates has made this easy. If you impart good quality information and knowledge about the latest trends, tool and techniques, answer their frequently asked questions, then you will be one of highly ranked website and your content will attract a lot of right prospects!

Here are 6 online training tools that can help your business get the right leads.

  • Onscreen and audio translation and recording – For products that are high priced, it is also better to translate the entire video.
  • Only audio translations and recording – here the video will be in English and the audio will be in various languages.
  • Only subtitles – if you want to save audio cost and still reach global audience,

1. Webinars – Live and On demand

A Live Webinar is one that is delivered by a Subject Matter Expert (SME). We have to design and develop PowerPoint slides with animation and audio script, ready for delivery.

An On-Demand Webinar is using the recorded version of a live webinar and publishing it in Adobe Presenter and Hosting it on Adobe Connect and linking it to your website for customers to access it anytime.

Designing a live webinar is very similar to designing an eLearning course – you have to set learning outcomes and develop content based on that outcome. Tools like iSpring can be used to quickly convert the webinars to make it HTML 5. Translate the most popular webinars into multiple languages for global reach.

We at CommLab in the last 3 years have successfully developed 40–45 webinars in the eLearning domain. We have about 600 to 1000 registrations for webinars.

2. Product Videos

Product videos are 2–3 minute videos on product or process demonstration that are hosted on website and YouTube. This gives high visibility of your products and services. To develop a good video, use high-resolution images and short video clips and use audio or music whichever is appropriate.

If you want to reach out to your global audience, it is better you translate your online content into various languages. Here are some translation options:

3. Trailers

1 to 2 min YouTube videos for promoting webinars and whitepapers and encouraging prospects for registrations and downloads.

I recommend that every whitepaper and webinar should have a trailer. Use key messages to attract prospects and translate the trailers for better impact.

4. White Papers

Originally whitepapers originated in government departments in 1922. It was an authoritative report or guidelines. Since the early 1990s, it has become more of a marketing or sales tool. Whitepapers are well-written documents that help the reader solve a problem, learn about new opportunities in their domains and help them make a decision. Usually whitepapers are in the PDF format. These are very important to make you a thought leader in your industry!

5. Interactive eBooks

Electronic eBook is a document that is in the digital form. This can be accessed through the Internet using PCs and iPads. Convert your whitepapers into interactive eBooks, include videos and interactivity. Make them compatible to multiple devices. This will increase registrations and downloads.

6. Apps

Apps are in. If you need to be on the cutting edge of your competition, you need to come up with creative technological solutions to help your prospects and customers.

Some examples are the thermal analysis table that helps users get appropriate values for each chemical in use. Emergency response procedure is available for all employees on a click.

7. Converting Webinars to eLearning

E-learning for customers is used by many fortune companies to train their prospects and customers on how to use their products. Convert most popular webinars and whitepapers into eLearning. Use rapid tools like Captivate Storyline to quickly develop eLearning.

Hope you are ready to set up a digital content library for your prospects and customers and expand your reach!

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