Online Training Methods for Educating Customers

Online Training Methods for Educating Customers

In general, most organizations educate their customers through on-site training and seminars. But there are some disadvantages in using these media, which are shown below.

Program typeDisadvantages
Onsite trainingCompared to others this training is quite expensive to organize.There will be no access of On-demand for the customers to download. Knowledge cannot be reinforced.
SeminarsThese type of trainings are bound to time and Location.Because of that there might be less presence of customers and they do not have any option to choose or update the schedule

So, most companies are going for online training methods such as webinars and eLearning. Let us see about these methods in brief


Webinars are web-based-seminars. It is a seminar that is conducted online, where a presentation or a lecture is delivered through the Internet.

Webinars are powerful means to reach out to both existing and prospective customers. You can reach most customers with minimal resources and effort. Travelling costs are not  involved. They are excellent tools of information dissemination.

You can also provide webinars on-demand to your customers.


To develop on demand webinars, we can use eLearning development tools like Adobe Presenter, iSpring and so on.


Most multinational organizations have well-structured online training programs for their customers.

The use of self-paced custom eLearning courses, by major organizations to impart training, is the latest trend. Custom eLearning courses are the courses developed based on the training/ learning needs, tailored to the content and the audience. They can also be reused or modified.


The customers have the freedom to access the training whenever and wherever they want. This way, the organization can develop eLearning courses and can place them in a central location such as a Learning Management System that allows learners to access the eLearning course online anytime, anywhere. Using a Learning Management System, they can also track the user activities. This method really reduces the cost of travelling for onsite training or face to face training.

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