Why Online Training is Effective for Software Applications? – 6 Reasons

Why Online Training is Effective for Software Applications? – 6 Reasons

Why Online Training is Effective for Software Applications? – 6 Reasons

Corporates across the world leverage various developments and innovations in the field of technology in order to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-changing business environments. Software application is also one such technical concept, which is adopted by a large number of companies nowadays in order to optimize their cost of operations by streamlining their business processes.

But, as software applications tend to be complex, too technical and usually implemented for covering various business operations, effective software training methodology is vital to impart required knowledge and skills among employees so that they can easily work with such software applications. In this regard, online solutions or eLearning is preferred as an effective training methodology. Let us see why.

Ease of modifications and updating


It is possible to easily and quickly upgrade an older version of the course, provided the course is in the online format. Online courses can be easily added with new features or improvised whenever required. Also, employees can be easily and quickly informed about the modifications or changes made to the training, if any.

Tracking of progress in learning is possible


Providing training alone is not sufficient. It is also important to know the comfort levels of the employees in using new software. In this context, online training medium has fared better than the traditional training method. This is because online or eLearning courses can be delivered on Learning Management Systems (LMSs), a software platform that allows for tracking and monitoring of learners’ progress in the training courses. This LMS feature in training can be very helpful in identifying the areas where learners need improvements, if any, so that required modifications could be made to the training for achieving the exact training objectives.

Consistent training

One of the main elements that contribute towards the effectiveness of training program is consistency. Involvement of different instructors and their different approaches in explaining concepts with respect to the same course is what makes an instructor-led training method inconsistent, which is not the case with the online training method.

In the online method, the whole training course can be standardized and made common to all the learners. Even the look and feel of the different lessons/topics of the whole course can be made uniform; also, they can be systematically connected with each other so that consistency can be maintained across the whole training course.

Effective in technical training


Online or eLearning medium can be very effective for training people on a technical subject such as software application because it allows embedding of high-level animations and graphics in training programs. These visual design strategies can facilitate understanding and learning of various steps and concepts of software very easily. Also, one of the best aspects about online training is that it allows learners to learn by experimenting and practicing the steps involved in the application.

The use of simulations and process-flow diagrams and tables in online courses does exactly this – they allow learners to watch, try and then perform the tasks or steps at their own convenience. For example, we recently developed a simulation for one of our clients which was intended for allowing learners to see the steps involved in the Procure-to-Pay process in the Ariba procurement software suite as well as try those steps themselves so that they can perform those tasks/steps at the time of handling the actual Ariba software in the real working environment.



Online training medium can help cut various expenses associated with training such as boarding and lodging, travelling and even paper use. These online courses can be deployed once and the same courses can be delivered multiple times to the learners without any requirement to develop them repeatedly. Such type of training methodology is more suitable when the training is needed to be implemented across different geographic locations.

Training can be in Delivery-on-Multiple formats


Depending on the convenience and requirement of learners, online training or eLearning can be delivered on multiple formats such as CDs, Intranet, Internet and mobiles devices. This multiple-delivery option in online courses can allow learners to easily access the course anytime, anywhere, irrespective of their geographic location.

These can be a few reasons why online medium can be effective for imparting training on software applications. This training method can be very suitable in today’s context where just-in-time training, location-based learning or fast accessibility to training-related information have become the main criteria for both organizations and employees. So how do you like adopting online medium for training your staff? Please do share your views. We would really appreciate your response.

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  • Hi,

    Great post.

    I believe that understanding a software application isn’t easy as they are usually tough, follow a complex approach. So, offering efficient training becomes important to train the users so that they don’t face a hard time using it. Use of an elearning tool is the right thing.

    Several features of the software can be demonstrated using static images. You can add a video and also use text to make the features supported by related images to make it more understandable. This is a preferred approach for many software training developers as it provides many benefits.

    So, educators should use elearning tools to simplify the process of software training.