Online Training for Marketing Personnel of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Online Training for Marketing Personnel of the Pharmaceutical Industry

In my previous blog, I expressed my views on the two major training issues confronting the sector. In this blog, I would like to share my thoughts on the usefulness of eLearning in training marketing personnel of pharmaceutical companies.

The radical developments in the ICT sector have paved the way for the emergence of eLearning as an effective tool to deliver efficient training. Most pharmaceutical companies have adopted this new format of training to improve their performance. Let me share more on how eLearning helps organizations to streamline their marketing training programs. Online programs help to achieve the following tasks:

Develop specialized knowledge

According to PwC, there is a pressing need to develop marketing personnel who can cater to the needs of specialists in different branches of medicine. eLearning helps to effectively transform the normal medical representative into a specialist having comprehensive knowledge of the drugs related to a particular medical specialty. Byte-sized programs help these employees to effectively learn complex medical concepts. These short programs act as ready reckoners providing Just-in-Time support. The medico-marketing personnel can conveniently upgrade their knowledge of certain products, thanks to the flexibility of anytime, anywhere learning of online courses.

Marketing staff improve their managerial skills

eLearning is an ideal solution to the dynamic training needs of marketing personnel of this sector. According to a study by PwC, the role of medical representatives is gradually widening. The trend of companies dividing these personnel into groups to cater to the unique needs of each market segment is on the rise. The study highlights the importance of acquisition of specialized managerial skills as the metamorphosis of ordinary representatives into account managers catering to the needs of individual and corporate clients gathers pace.

As more insurers attempt to affect the writing of prescriptions by restricting the number of drugs covered by health insurance policies, pharmaceutical companies need specialized marketing teams to deal with these insurance providers.

Online courses offer practical solutions to these needs of marketing personnel because effective explanation of various case studies can be provided which enhances their managerial skills and help provide training to the staff without the loss of productive hours.

Impart cost-effective training on Pharma CRM software

The shelf life of most patents in the pharmaceutical industry is less than 5 years. Pharma CRM helps companies to reach the maximum number of customers within this short period. It helps to streamline the process in which companies interact with their customers. However, the training the staff on this software is often expensive because the number of qualified instructors is very low. eLearning helps to overcome this problem as the need for repeated presence of the expert is eliminated because training sessions can be recorded and uploaded. These can be reused, thus ensuring effective training at low cost.

By providing efficient training at low cost, eLearning helps pharmaceutical companies perform better and thereby maximize their profits. Do you think eLearning can be used in other ways to improve the efficiency of the medico-marketing personnel? Please share your views in the comments box below.

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