What Should An Online Sales Training Curriculum Include?

What Should An Online Sales Training Curriculum Include?

What Should An Online Sales Training Curriculum Include?

An online sales training program is like a refresher to those who are experienced in sales, whereas on other hand it is an overall training for those who are fresher and needs to understand what a customer requires and how to help customer with the products and thus increase sales of the organization. So what should be the focus points in a sales training program? Here, I will discuss what a sales training program, delivered online, needs to include.

Introduction to the Market: A fresher to the job needs to be familiar with the segment he has to focus to sell effectivity. So, the training has to include an introduction to the segment, information on the market trends and details of competitors. For example, taking industries into consideration; there are many industries like food, pharma, manufacturing, etc. So the learner according to his specific area understands the market trends and competitors.

Knowledge of Customer’s Requirement: Once the learner has knowledge of the market, he needs to understand the requirements of the customer. The trainee needs to be given the idea or focus areas of customer in every aspect. Here below is an example to make this information a bit interesting:

Knowledge of Customer’s Requirement

Once he understands the requirements of customer, he will be able to suggest a suitable product.

Details of Product: Once we have discussed a general background of market we come to the main product, which the learner needs to understand about. Here the trainee needs to be provided with a detailed account of his company’s products and how they benefit customers. The trainee needs to understand the products thoroughly, so that that he can relate them to the customer’s need. Look at an example that shows information of a product:

Details of Product

Value Added by the Product to Customer: Being a salesperson, it is important for the trainee to know the benefits that a customer gets by choosing the product of his organization. This is the most important aspect of the sales training program.

Hope you find this blog informative. Please do share if there are any other topics to focus in a sales training.

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