Take Pressure off Your HR Through Online Employee Onboarding

Take Pressure off Your HR Through Online Employee Onboarding

Your business needs are changing, requiring you to hire more employees. Your employee strength has increased three-fold in the last one year. Quite understandably, as the HR manager of such an organization, you may be under severe pressure to welcome onboard and provide training to an increasing number of employees.

The traditional methods of training may not be adequate as you may need to quickly get your employees aligned to your company’s business requirements. Additionally, your existing HR team may be already working overtime to meet existing demands. In this context, how can you come up with a more feasible alternative while making sure of consistency in the quality of employee onboarding program?

The first six months are crucial for new employees as well as their organization because it is during these few months that employees decide if they would continue working with the organization or move on. Effective onboarding instills confidence in employees about the organization and their future with it. Marathon onboarding sessions spanning a couple of days may not be an effective option to foster a long-term relationship with employees.

Online onboarding program

Employee onboarding typically consists of

1. Organizational orientation constituting the physical tour of the premises, showing amenities, timings, security information and peer introductions.

2. Induction training that enables employees to have a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the organization, its vision and mission statements, their individual roles and responsibilities etc.

Organizational orientation needs to be conducted in-person and is of course, very important to ensure employees get assimilated into the new environment quickly and effortlessly. However, other components of induction training such as job-specific information, roles and responsibilities, HR policies, leave policies, organizational mission and vision details can be introduced to employees progressively over the first three months.

You could have online modules of the onboarding program that employees can take at their convenience over a specific period. Let’s face that fact that it is rather boring to hear a classroom lecture on leave policy and HR policies and equally boring for your HR staff to repeat the same content over and over again to new employees. Such subject matter is best handled through online medium because eLearning can make a dry subject matter interesting and engaging.

It is a win-win situation for

  • HR personnel – as they do not have to take repetitive training programs considerably easing their burden.
  • Stakeholders – as their employee time is better utilized and online training programs can be re-used making it cost-effective.
  • Employees – as they need not assimilate too much content all at once and can take their time to understand the needs of the organization and how they fit in.

Therefore, it is a good idea for growing organizations to have part of their employee onboarding program online and take the pressure of their HR personnel. Does your organization use online onboarding programs for new employees? What have been your views about the program? Do share your thoughts.

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