How Does Healthcare Embrace the Benefits of Online Learning?

How Does Healthcare Embrace the Benefits of Online Learning?

How Does Healthcare Embrace the Benefits of Online Learning?

A survey by Comptia found out that over 80% of physicians rated IT as either important or very important in their domain. The same survey acknowledged that healthcare providers perceive eLearning and collaborative technologies to cater to their educational requirements efficiently and effectively.

Technology has significantly changed the way various functions are performed in the healthcare space. Training healthcare service providers is no exception. Several institutes, governments and bodies are embracing online methods to train healthcare providers.

A survey by Comptia

During the course of my research, I came across some institutes/organizations that seem to have successfully implemented eLearning, on a large scale to train their workforce, extended stakeholders and partners. They are,

e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) under Department of Health, is revolutionizing healthcare in the United Kingdom and has won several awards for its pioneering eLearning programs that are said to be transforming medical education for the 21st century. The organization is currently initiating over 30 eLearning projects in association with various professional bodies to train National Health Service (NHS) workforce across the country.

Midwest Center for Life-Long-Learning in Public Health (MCLPH) in association with University of Minnesota has developed about 33,510 education hours of online core courses for public health workers. It also strives to provide opportunities to public health workers who lack formal training to upgrade their knowledge and skills, thereby enabling a more competent future workforce.

United National University International Institute for Global Health UNU-IIGH believes that technological intervention for knowledge transfer can help improve patient care, lower costs and also ensure that adequate measures are in place to comply with laws and regulations. Their objective is to enhance efficiency, quality, access and equity in the delivery of healthcare services. They believe that the online medium would help expedite their objective and in this regard they have an Open Source Online Training in Healthcare, built on the Moodle platform, to provide basic knowledge to improve quality of healthcare.

Singhealth Academy, part of Singapore Health Services equips healthcare professionals with a holistic set of knowledge and skills. They are leveraging modern technologies such as eLearning, digital media, lecture recordings as well as mobile learning to maximize learning efficiencies. Their focus is to provide high quality patient care through education and learning such that healthcare providers are equipped with adequate clinical knowledge and expertise.

Besides these organizations, several hospitals, companies supplying healthcare equipment and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly adopting online methods to train their workforce. Do you know of organizations that are utilizing online methods to train their work force? Do share information about them and if possible the impact the online training programs had on the quality of healthcare.

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