5 Tips to Make a Stupendous Online Course

5 Tips to Make a Stupendous Online Course

How do you develop an online course that becomes the darling of your learners? What does it take to create an eLearning program that provides an excellent learning experience? As a training manger, if you are interested in developing online programs that leave an indelible impression on your learners, then this blog is for you.

No matter what your learning needs are, you can make sure that your eLearning program is a phenomenal success and is well received by your learners by focusing on 5 important aspects. They are:

1. “Killer” content

You need to see that the learning content of your online course is relevant to the needs of your staff. After all, they take the course only to improve their performance, don’t they? You need to make sure that the content is clear, accurate and well presented. You can ensure that the learners retain the knowledge gained for a long time by developing content that is instructionally sound and has a good “flow”.

2. Practical use of knowledge

Your course may have content that is up-to-date and is well presented. But, to make the eLearning program really useful, you need to instruct the learners how to use the knowledge and skills gained from the course to improve their performance. You can do this efficiently using case studies and scenarios. These “connect” the world of training and the sphere of work because they help your people apply their learning to real job situations.

3. Easy navigation

It is important to make sure that your learners do not get lost navigating the course. It is therefore essential to see that your course can be navigated instinctively without any problems. The course needs to allow your learners to focus on mastering the content rather than spending their time and effort in finding out how to proceed to the next module or come back to a module already studied. Easy navigation prevents learner frustration and goes a long way in creating a rich learning experience.

4. Captivating interactivities and games

Online courses are much more than mere reading of content and pressing of the “next” button. E-Learning courses that are “lifeless” seldom achieve their purpose of effectively imparting training. You can enliven your course by including the right interactivities and games. This helps to engage your learners better and results in a rich learning experience. Furthermore, well-designed games help you create a fun-filled learning environment that is very useful to reduce the stress usually associated with learning.

5. Realistic assessments

Good assessments help your people identify areas where they need to put in more efforts, judge their performance by themselves and find ways of improving it. It is advisable to provide explanation for correct answers and state reasons for the wrong replies so that the learners clearly understand the underlying concepts behind the assessment questions. This also helps to reinforce the learning.

It is beneficial to provide additional resources such as job-aids, videos and downloadable material that help improve the performance of your learners.

A highly effective online course has well-structured content that meets the needs of the learners. It enables your learners to apply their learning to real-world scenarios and engages them effectively. It helps your people assess and enhance their performance. What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us.