Multiple Solutions for Online Corporate Training

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Multiple Solutions for Online Corporate Training

If you haven’t quite understood what the excitement around corporate training is all about, this blog is for you. Remember the good old days when corporate training involved sitting through a whole day of classroom presentations? I’m sure you do – you probably still do it that way. Sometimes these training programs were conducted over a couple of days; sometimes there was a day of the week that was dedicated to training.

The when, where, and how of these trainings might have differed, but they were always bound by one common element – the lack of engagement and relevance (that made them boring, monotonous, and unsuccessful). Well, we’ve come a long way from there, and today there are multiple solutions available for every type of training requirement.

Multiple Solutions…

Today’s corporate training is packed with not one or two, but several solutions to choose from – solutions that can be used in a variety of combinations to tackle the ever-changing training requirements of companies, trainers, and employees.

The type of solution that an organization would require would depend on its size, industry, number of employees, work culture, and the type of training that must be conducted. There are several other factors that need to be considered as well, and a reliable vendor would be able to suggest a solution(s). Online learning solutions cater to all industries and to all types of training (including but not limited to workplace ethics and compliance training).

Rapid authoring tools (such as Lectora Inspire, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Claro, and iSpring) ensure development costs stay low, and that courses are created on time.

Online learning strategies such as microlearning, mLearning, game-based learning, and video-based learning, make compliance training engaging.

…For Big Companies With Large Requirements…

A large company with a global presence would probably need training that meets a global workforce.

For example, a client of ours – a conglomerate – one of the largest manufacturers of precision instruments, with a large presence across Europe and the rest of the world, 14,000 employees, and a very large team of sales representatives and service technicians – the training requirements of this organization were phenomenal and required not one, but several types of solutions including sales, product, new hire, and compliance training on international as well as local laws.

…As Well As Small Companies With Very Minimal Requirements

At the other end of the spectrum is a much smaller company that requires the conversion of their legacy courses.

For Any Industry…

Modern training solutions can be used across industries. From manufacturing to mining; from pharmaceuticals to fishing – if there is a training need – there is an online solution. Like traditional classroom training – these online solutions are streamlined, industry- and organization specific. The difference is that they meet specific requirements and are engaging – making them successful.

 …For Any Challenge…

As well as training requirements, there are new training challenges that traditional methods are incapable of meeting. Globalization, new and emerging technologies, heightened competition, rapid knowledge change, and a new type of workforce with unique learning requirements are some modern challenges we must contend with. For example, translations with a rapid authoring tool can meet a global workforce, rapid development of courses is possible because these tools develop courses rapidly.

And For Any Training Requirement

The type of training conducted is unique to every organization, and can be met by any of the modern corporate training solutions. While sales training might be crucial to a manufacturing company, compliance training would be critical to financial companies. A different kind of compliance would be needed for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, while soft skills training would be important for the hospitality industry.

A Strategy For Every Need

  • Microlearning – for just-in-time learning, performance support, and refresher courses.
  • Responsive learning – for a remote workforce that has no access to training, and relies heavily on mobile devices for information.
  • Game-based and Video-based learning – to make dry and boring subjects, interesting and engaging.
  • Translation and localization – for training that is language-, location-, and culture-specific.
  • Simulations – for dangerous trainings such as those that involve machinery, but in a safe environment.

A Tool For Every Requirement

The tools used to create today’s online training programs are a mighty force to reckon with. They are easy to use, reduce course development time, and can be used to create as well as simply update content. Translation of courses and the development of multi device-compliant courses happens in quick time. Unlike traditional course authoring tools such as Flash, these tools can develop rich and engaging courses, rapidly.

For a realistic understanding of how rapid these tools are, think of a very complicated course that must be created for a global workforce, translated into 20 languages, and contain several types of interactivities – including videos and games. Such a course would take several months to develop traditionally. A rapid authoring tool on the other hand, could do all this in a few weeks.

 We moved to online learning, then blended it with classroom training, brought in mobile learning and microlearning, incorporated interactivities to make learning engaging – even added games to our training programs and guess what – our employees are all the better for it.

In fact, they are more prepared to face current workplace challenges than they ever were or will be; they learn more, retain more information, use more learning to accomplish work-related tasks. Better training results, increased productivity, and a work-life balance – they have it all with today’s corporate training solutions.

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