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4 New Year Resolutions for Training Manager in 2015

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4 New Year Resolutions for Training Manager in 2015

Training in organizations needs a complete overhaul. Frankly, the complete training system needs to be better prepared for the new, emerging challenges of training people quickly to deliver fast, be competitive in the global market and improve productivity of the workforce.

Even though there are many new methods of learning in place, many organizations still believe that “face-to-face” training is most effective. Some organizations still invest 60-70% of their training budgets on “face-to-face” training.

Online learning, if done right, can save time, money and also cater to the needs of the new generation of learners.

In this year, it is time we look at the new methods of imparting training that can be very effective and efficient. It is time we look at various creative training options.

Here are a few training practices that training managers need to think about and make a New Year Resolution for 2015.

1. Design a detailed training plan not only for “face-to-face” training, but also to integrate eLearning, mobile learning and social learning.

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2. Wisely allocate and balance training budgets among various trainings and delivery modes.

Based on your business goals and current challenges, come up with training solutions that can help achieve the business goals. Based on our wide range of experience working with huge corporate clients, here are some suggestive approaches to train people on various trainings and delivery methods.

Type of Training Delivery Method (A Blended Approach)
Face-to-Face E-learning M-learning
On Boarding - 100%Create simple, but easily upgradable modules -
Product Training 40%Real demonstrations and hands-on-training 30%Detailed product demonstrations, comparisons and USP 30%Videos and quick “How to” Training on a click
Sales Training 50%Scenario-based learning, by experts, on various aspects of sales. 20%Scenario-based situational games to reinforce learning 30%Easy job aids for quick access to key information on a click.Integrate social learning
Process Training 40%Live demonstration on the shop floor 60%Detailed process maps and outlining roles and responsibilities -
Software Training - 50%Screen capture simulations 50%Quick videos on “how to” to be accessed anywhere
Compliance Training - 100%Simple, quick, static, mandatory courses -

 3. Re-look at old curriculum and re-launch it for better reach and effectiveness

Initially, when organizations started developing eLearning courses, they created long training courses spanning 1 to 2 hours. These courses were developed using one of the following.

  • Proprietary authoring tools that are very complex for upgrades
  • HTML, where it was only content and images, just page turners
  • Flash-based that cannot run on the latest devices and browsers

This is time to re-look at these and re-launch them, so that you get the best ROI

  • Make 10 – 15 minute modules
  • Convert courses quickly using authoring tools like Storyline, Captivate 8 or HTML 5
  • Make them highly interactive and engaging by using animations, games and quizzes

4. Keeping up-to-date with the latest in training and technology

With information available on a click, it is very easy for us to get updates on the latest in training and technology. As an eLearning professional, it is important that we join some good training and eLearning groups in LinkedIn and also subscribe to the best blog sites.

Here are my recommendations:

LinkedIn groups to get updates on latest in learning and technology:

Important blogs to subscribe:

I hope you got some interesting ideas for your New Year resolution. Please share with us, so that the learning fraternity can also benefit.

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