New Trends in Training and Development

New Trends in Training and Development

trends in learning and development

Change is not new to Training and Development sector. The advancements in technology and individuals learning behavior has always been bringing up some new trends for us to watch. Let’s have a look at some trends and find out what is currently happening in the Training and Development area.

Increasing Demand for M-Learning:

Our new modern workplace roles with every day challenges and training needs do not give us time to build a training deck and arrange a trainer. Today’s managers work more from their homes and off shore rather than from their business desk. So the organizations are moving towards M-Learning to ensure that their mobile workforce learn while they are on the move.

2011 Mobile Learning Guild Research report says “Mobile is booming, and M-Learning is following along”. This report indicates that companies are progressing on the mobile front, and we can expect to see an increase in percentage of companies that plan to do more.

More Focus on eLearning:

Almost all major companies are using some form of online learning to train their employees. Unlike past where they used to focus more on mandatory trainings or highly focused trainings that address their pressing business problems /challenges, organizations are now investing more and more in personal development programs to increase employee productivity.

According to New Ambient Insight Report, the Asian eLearning market is expected to reach $11.5 billion by 2016.

“eLearning representing $56.2 billion of $200 billion Corporate training industry today will grow into a $107 billion market by 2015” says GIA – Global Industry Analysts.

Therefore eLearning is surely to grow.

Technology Playing a Big Role in Classroom Trainings:

Even though technology has come a long way, organizations continue to value the learning that comes from personal interaction with expert instructors and learning that happens among peers in specially designed environments.

So they are investing more and more in classroom training to improve its effectiveness. Organizations are contributing to learning by providing smart devices such as tablets to enhance classroom experience. Instructors using Videos to explain and access to internet are also some new trends.

Training through Smaller Chunks of Information:

Organizations are now using technology to provide information in smaller chunks that can help learner to get access only to what they want and not to everything they have .This meets their business objective of teaching and does not become heavy on the learner’s pocket. This foresees more demand for craft training.

Going Social:

Collaborative learning is being given high priority now-a-days because people learn more and quickly through sharing and listening to each other. So this is another area where people are focusing to come up with solutions to offer training at a professional level.

These are some trends that I could see in the area of training and development.

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