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What’s new age learning – a fad or a necessity? Join this webinar on new age learning strategies being conducted by iSpring and CommLab India.

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New Age Learning Strategies – Webinar in Collaboration with iSpring

Why do we need to talk of new age learning strategies? It’s because though we spend a lot of time and resources on eLearning design and development, eLearning courses often fall short of engaging learners. Learners struggle to find relevance – how the course will help solve their work challenges – and this often leads to low completion rates.

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Impactful learning on the other hand, occurs when your learners are involved emotionally in the course. This can be facilitated by speaking their language (addressing apprehensions), incorporating an element of fun, or by challenging them to face their fears. Learning is made impactful in classroom training when the facilitator shares anecdotes that make learners laugh, uses different media elements (a chart, a video, a role-play exercise), or allows opportunities for practice.

However, e-learning lacks the physical presence of an instructor. And yet, it has to captivate learners and offer all the engagement and variety available in a classroom. This is where an understanding of new age learning can be put into effect. What are these new age strategies? Well, they are based on letting learners exercise their imagination, synthesize parts to arrive at solutions to problems, give them a bird’s eye view of how the training can help them and more.

First, offer learners a personalized learning experience by asking them to share their names. You can then address them by name when providing feedback or when explaining an activity. You can also let learners select a guide/avatar of their choice to take them through the course. Training is not about being serious all the time. So incorporate play in learning, and you are sure to win over your learners with corporate training.

New age learning strategies offer a personalized experience with little effort! If you want to know more about 6 exciting new age strategies, how they highlight the right brain aptitudes, and how they can be implemented in eLearning, we have an upcoming webinar just for you! Have a look at this video to gain more insights on the webinar on new age learning strategies, being conducted in collaboration with iSpring.

eLearning Design and the 'Right' Brain
New Age Learning Strategies – Webinar in Collaboration with iSpring
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