Need for Induction Training – Both for Organizations and Employees?

Need for Induction Training – Both for Organizations and Employees?

Need for Induction Training - Both for Organizations and Employees?

Induction training is the training immediately received by an employee when he first joins an organization. The basic purpose of an induction program is the integration of new employees with the systems and processes in and across the organization. It also helps the new employees to settle down quickly by familiarizing themselves with the new environment of the organization. Let’s see why an induction program is necessary from the perspective of the organization as well as that of employees.

Organization’s perspective:

1. Reduce start up costs and save time: A comprehensive introduction of the organization to the employees can help them acquire the necessary skills to get on with their jobs immediately. It helps in speeding up the learning process of the newly employed staff, saving the manager’s time. It also helps in reducing the costs associated with training each employee individually.

2. Reduce employee turnover: If there isno induction program, an employee is left on his own, to sink or swim in the new environment. As a result, he is either confused and takes a longer time to contribute or leaves the organization, frustrated and helpless. However, organizations with good induction programs manage to align their new employees to the goals of the organization and make them productive at a faster rate.

Employee’s perspective:

1. Reduces anxiety: In addition to learning about organizational values and attitudes, it is also important for new employees to know what is expected of them and what they can expect from others in return. This will help the employees to have clarity about their roles and responsibilities and reduce their anxiety about the new job and environment.

2. Provides well-defined information: A good induction program ensures that the new employees have a well-defined idea about all aspects of the organization structure, its policies and communication methods. In the absence of a comprehensive induction program, they get bits and pieces of information which may not always be accurate and timely. Providing them with all the requisite information – be it regarding policies or procedures, will help them undertake their job activity efficiently and effectively.

Planning an induction program will definitely make an impact in the way new employees integrate within the organization and work for its objectives and goals. Therefore, onboarding should be the foremost responsibility of any HR manager.

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