When Do You Need Customized E-learning?

When Do You Need Customized eLearning

When Do You Need Customized E-learning?

Many companies allocate money for eLearning projects. But these budgets are only spent on cookie-cutter courses, where only a portion of the learning content is relevant to the needs of staff members. Moreover, not all businesses are the same. Therefore, the one size fits all approach to eLearning courses doesn’t meet your unique learning needs nor does it align with your organizational culture. Hence, a customized eLearning course is a better option to meet the needs of your organization as well as those of your learners. Let’s see why.

When your training needs are unique:

A generic course on time management will cater to every single organization out there, however for instance let’s look at the ‘procure-to pay-process.’ This process is followed in every organization. However, the procure-to-pay process followed one organization varies from the other.

Process 1:

Process 1

Process 2:

Process 2

As you can see how the same processes can have two different representations. You can use a readymade off the shelf course to provide s a general overview on how the procure-to pay-process works. But, it cannot be used effectively to train your people on the process that is customized to suit your needs. You need to create courses to suit your organization’s specific needs or provide a solution to a problem, which only exists in your company. An eLearning course needs to be customized, when the training needs are unique.

When your content is confidential:

This is another aspect of eLearning, where off-the-shelf courses can cause problems. For example, your need an eLearning course to train your sales force on a new series of laptops and tablets that are yet to be introduced into the market. Now, this kind of training may not be unique, but is confidential in nature, this makes picking an off the shelf course extremely difficult. Even though most features of laptop computers are the same, data pertaining to the target market, pricing and certain technical specifications is specific to your product. This is where using customized eLearning can be most useful.

When your content is confidential

When your training needs change:

Change is constant and inevitable. Training needs can change both for the long term or the short term. Let’s take a look at a long term change. The procure-to-pay process is an example of a long term change. The process gets altered with changes in laws and regulations. It is very easy to make changes to a customized eLearning course.

When your training needs change

Trying the same in an off the shelf course is a futile attempt, instead of adding another step in the process you only end up adding a new level of confusion to your employees.

Now let us look at short term changes. The example of laptops and tablets illustrates how training needs evolve in a short span of time. For instance, a certain feature of the laptop is still in the testing stage and cannot be confirmed as a fully selling feature yet. However a few months later, once the testing process is completed and that very feature becomes the laptop’s unique selling feature.

Unique selling feature

There is an urgent need to update the course in accordance with this new development. Such a quick and drastic change can be implemented only through customized eLearning in a quick and cost efficient way.

Customized eLearning may take some effort in the initial stages. But, in the long run, it will reap benefits for you as you have happy customers and thankful employees.

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