Biggest Myths of Time and Time Management

Biggest Myths of Time and Time Management

Biggest Myths of Time and Time Management

Time management is a process by which you plan and take conscious decisions about the way you use your time on certain activities with the purpose of increasing efficiency and delivering better. It assumes a lot of importance, especially in a business context, where managers have to do multi-tasking and make most of the available time. Let’s take a glance of the possible myths related to time and time management:

1. No time for time management: It is perhaps the greatest myth of time management. However, what needs to be understood is the fact that time management will only help in generating more free time. Time management is all about managing time well enough by prioritizing tasks and becoming more productive.

2. Time can be managed: Time can neither be managed nor saved. It is only work that can be managed based on the time available. The hours in a day are limited and the key to success lies in how smartly one maximizes them.

3. Time is money: Time is not just money but is something even more precious than money. Money lost can be earned back but time lost can never be earned back. It helps to keep this in mind for your professional life as well as for your personal life.

4. Time management requires hard work: The concept of time management is not as simple as it sounds. It requires lot of self-discipline and planning to practice and implement it. Time management skills are not only relevant but crucial for all kinds of jobs, irrespective of their nature.

5. Time management means doing more things in less time: This is the usual notion that most people have about time management. Effective management of time actually involves giving priority to those things which are of greater importance. It’s all about prioritizing work and getting important work done, little by little.

Time management is critical for any project – be it personal or professional. The project scope and timelines can be prepared realistically and efficiently only by those proficient in time allocation and management.

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