Mumbai Terror – Concern and Love From Across the World

Mumbai Terror – Concern and Love From Across the World

We in Hyderabad are far away from the maddening hatred and violence in Mumbai. (We had our share too, not very long ago). We were relieved for ourselves, worried for our loved ones in Mumbai, all at the same time.

But as they say, life goes on. We were busy executing projects and trying to meet deadlines when we suddenly started getting mails from our customers from all over the world – USA, UK, Australia – inquiring about our well being. People with whom we have, at best, only a working relationship, are worried, concerned about us! They offered us their support and prayers!

We at CommLab are deeply touched. We were once again reminded that the greatest force in this universe is love. It, and only it, has the power to convert an enemy into a friend. No force can do what love can do.

Thank you, dear customers, for your care and concern in the hour of our grief.

R. K. Prasad
Chief Executive Officer

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