Movie-based Learning to Increase Sales Reps’ Attention Span

Movie-based Learning to Increase Sales Reps’ Attention Span

Movie-based Learning to Increase Sales Reps’ Attention Span

A recent study by Microsoft showed that the attention span of most Gen-Y learners is 8 seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish. Being a sales training manager, how can you beat the short attention span of your sales force? Well, movie-based learning will help you gain the attention span of your sales force as it creates a deeper neural connection with the content.

Studies show that the human brain processes information easily and stores it for later recall when received in the form of movies. That’s the reason we remember the characters’ name, story, scenes, and even famous dialogues from movies.

What is movie-based learning?

Movie-based learning is a mix of visually enhancing text, gripping audio, video, story, character, visually rich images, animations, interactivities, graphics, infographics, theme-based templates, etc. to provide a greater level of engagement to sales reps. Precisely, it is an enhancement of video-based learning and NOT just using formal videos. This kind of learning is easier to consume and retain for a longer period of time. 

Benefits of movie-based learning

Evokes emotions

Stories, videos, and scenarios have always proven to be more effective in increasing the effectiveness of the learning process. Movie-based learning takes these learnings to the next level. Learners now-a-days no longer scan through the content, they sense and connect with it. Movie-based learning provides exactly this as it comes with a pack of emotions, excellent storyline, visually appealing characters, and high quality audio visuals.

Offers just-in-time learning

Movie-based learning offers just-in-time (JIT) support where sales reps can access the information anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This kind of learning allows them to apply their new knowledge instantly on the field.

Attracts and appeals to the senses

Movie-based learning is very attractive and appeals to the senses as it grabs sales reps’ attention visually and emotionally. It makes learning more fun and less boring. According to Dr. John Medina (neuroscientist), ‘The more visual the input becomes, the more likely it is to be recognized and recalled’. Sales reps recall information quickly when all senses (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) are involved in the learning process.

Handles difficult subjects well

Movie-based learning handles difficult subjects and delicate issues well and makes boring content interesting and engaging with the help of stories. In general, learners remember stories better than text and will connect with the content, which will actively engage them throughout the course.

Hence, movie-based learning will help you beat the short attention span of your sales force by increasing knowledge retention and reducing cognitive load on them.

Please do share your thoughts on the effectiveness of movie-based learning.

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