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5 Tested Ways to Motivate Adult Learners in ELearning

Written By Arjun Kumar Dwaraka

5 Tested Ways to Motivate Adult Learners in ELearning

Do you all know that Motivation plays a key role in the outcome of an eLearning course? In this blog, I would like to share with you 5 Tested Ways to Motivate Adult Learners in ELearning.

Motivation is the force that drives people to act. It plays a key role in the outcome of an eLearning course. Generally in workplace and academic environments, people feel unmotivated because they are required to take courses in which they have no interest in. Hence it is a challenge for Instructional Designers to develop interesting and engaging eLearning Courses for Adults. Ideally, ELearning for adults needs to be an interactive process as against a passive lecture method.
Here are 5 Tested Ways to Motivate Adult Learners in ELearning:

1. List the benefits of taking the course:

Adults are goals oriented. They are ready to learn when they know the need for learning something. Make a clear statement explaining what is in it for them as you promote the course.

2. Give options:

According to Malcolm Knowles, andragogy theorist, adult students tend to be “self-directed“. Hence it is important to provide options to the Adult learners so that they have the freedom of choosing the option which they feel would work for them.

3. Create useful and relevant learning experiences:

Adults tend to prefer learning through real life situations. They appreciate practical learning rather than theory. Hence emphasis should be laid on imparting practical information.

4. Display one idea or concept at a time:

It has been proved that the cognitive load on the learner can be reduced by presenting one idea at a time even when teaching complex processes. When ideas or concepts are introduced step by step, learning becomes effective.

5. Allow learners to practice:

Generally, Adults prefer to learn by doing rather than listening to lectures. Including activities not only engage adult learners but also retain their interest in the course. Include different problem solving exercises and case studies.

These are 5 tested ways to motivate Adult learners in ELearning and hence should be considered while designing course for Adults. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.

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