8 Most Popular E-learning Reads

8 Most Popular E-learning Reads

8 Most E-learning Reads

While are hundreds of articles on eLearning are published on the web, are you aware of the best and the latest eLearning practices? I know it is very difficult to keep up-to-date with your busy schedules. Here I, would like to help you out to know about the latest trends in eLearning. To save you time, I have picked the best articles and posted them for you.

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1. Interactive elements in eLearning

Earlier eLearning courses used to have the page turner style that shows content slide after slide. Whatever the content, learners hit the next button to view all the slides and complete the course and get certificate. But today it is not the same; most of the instructional designers are avoiding using the common PowerPoint slides and finding interactive ways to represent content. This article gives you an idea on how instructional designers can take transition away from “page-turner” eLearning courses into a new world where learners are motivated through interactive eLearning courses.

2. 5 levers Of eLearning design

We usually look for different ways to improve our skills in designing eLearning courses. This article gives you a few quick tips and ideas to make your eLearning courses more interactive and engaging.

3. From Flash-based legacy eLearning Courses to HTML5

In today’s generation most of them are accessing the Internet through mobile devices to learn. So it is clear that soon most of the organizations are going to adopt mobile learning to train their employees in the coming years. With this growing need of corporates to make the courses accessible through the mobile devices for training, it is now time to realize the need to shift from Flash-based courses to HTML5. This article gives you the knowledge on what is HTML5 and why do we need HTML5.

4. Do you know your eLearning buckets?

Each one of us has a different perception of what eLearning is and what is required to develop a course. To give us more information on how eLearning has to be categorized based on the learner needs Jonathan Shoaf has written this article. These buckets help you to evaluate the learning needs in your organization.

5. Are you in the Training Ghetto?

We all know that change is a great deal in the profession of learning and development; currently a lot of changes are taking place in terms of technology, economic and societal, and these have to adapt to it. This article gives you an answer on how fast is your L&D team changing in relation to the rate of change of your organization.

6. Responsive eLearning: Making sense of it

Today, responsive eLearning is the most widely discussed topic in the world of online training. But what is this hype all about? Is responsive eLearning really a game changer? Does it require any special design considerations? This article gives us answers to these questions.

7. 10 basics of creating effective eLearning

It is rather unfortunate that very often the basics of effective eLearning design are missed out! There is a list of instructional design principles backed up by studies into effective eLearning. In this article, you will find a list of 10 most commonly ignored or misunderstood eLearning principles.

8. Learning technology: are we using it right?

Nowadays technology has become a great learning tool, but there is no guarantee that it makes us learn better; however, if it is used correctly, it enhances and facilitates learning. There are a few ways how technology is used in learning. What are they and how do we use them most often? This article gives you answers to these questions.

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