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M-learning and E-learning: Where and How to be Used [Infographic]

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M-learning and E-learning: Where and How to be Used [Infographic]

E-learning and m-learning are powerful learning methods; both are dynamic and effective ways to teach people. So then, what are the differences between and e-learning and m-learning methods?

E-learning involves a series of modules with in-depth subject-matter while m-learning involves smaller chunks of information which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Modules are designed differently, depending on the kind of format used to learn. M-learning breaks the barriers of time and place and provides easy access to courses. E-learning also enables learners to access information anytime, anywhere through a laptop, and a stable environment is needed for the learner to take training.

E-learning delivers content in a detailed manner, while m-learning delivers the same in a precise manner. M-learning courses are usually shorter then e-learning courses. M-learning is ideal to provide just-in-time information at the point of need.

M-learning and E-learning: Where and How to be Used [Infographic]

Check out the differences listed in the info-graphic, and if you find anything more, do share in the comments box below…..

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