5 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with E-learning Design and Development

5 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with E-learning Design and Development

5 Horrible Mistakes You're Making with E-learning Design and Development

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” As told by Winston Churchill.

No one has ever said that designing a good eLearning course is easy. Transforming from the traditional instructor-led training to designing eLearning involves many challenges.

If you are new to eLearning, here are the five horrible mistakes eLearning developers make while developing eLearning courses.

  1. Choosing the wrong tools:
  2. There are many tools like Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, Coursebuilder and so on to choose from the market; these tools vary in features and pricing. Using the wrong tool is riskier than having poor content. We need to know which tool to use for the client we are working for.
    We need to start constructing the storyboard, save images, and chunk the content available and then start selecting the tools we need to use.

  3. Trouble with audio and video:
  4. This is the most important aspect of the presentation. Sometimes audio can be very frustrating to the learner. The change in volume between slides or incomprehensible words, and background noise can be the factors that irritate the learners.
    Learners get frustrated when they are asked to click on the video in the eLearning course and the video is distorted or grainy or of poor quality. So this aspect should be thoroughly checked to enhance proper learning.

  5. Issues involving time and engagement:
  6. Courses of one hour or even longer duration may dilute the learners’ engagement. The best part of creating an eLearning course is that it can be broken in sessions. This way complex lengthy topics can be broken to smaller, simpler topics to make the learner understand the topic well and acquire complete understanding of the subject. This ensures the learner finds the course engaging and interesting.

  7. Overloading of content and features:
  8. Creating learner engagement is the fundamental principle in eLearning development. The most important key is to use the features of the tools appropriately to engage the learner and to add educational value to the course. We must ensure that the content is chunked properly and is placed in a way it flows well.
    Too much content on the page can put off the learner. But, the same content if presented well using the features of the tool and with interactivity it will keep the learner engaged and interested in the content of the course.

  9. Lack of evaluation:
  10. Just creating a course and never knowing how it actually fared with the learners is another important area designers lack. Evaluating the course created or getting feedback from the learners is very important. It helps the designer to improve, remove bugs if any found, or get firsthand feedback on how the learner felt learning the concept.

There are 5 mistakes eLearning developers usually commit. Have more to say on this topic? Please do share!

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