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Wish You a Merry Full Moon Christmas 2015 and A Happy New Year

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Wish You a Merry Full Moon Christmas 2015 and A Happy New Year

Christmas is round the corner. Its celebration time everywhere – shopping malls, offices, homes…Christmas carols pervade through the air and spread the joy of loving and giving. But, do you know there is something very special about this year’s Christmas?

This year, Christmas is on Full moon day! It does not happen all the time – The last time we had a Full Moon Christmas was in 1977 and the next time we get to see a Full Christmas Moon will be 19 years later, in the year 2034. So, treat yourself to this rare sight and enjoy the luminous full moon on Christmas Day this year.

Moon is intrinsically connected with mind in some cultures and so may the light of the full moon shower the blessings to learn and advance our knowledge and sharpen our minds and intellect this Christmas and in the new year. So, along with joy and peace, we at CommLab India, renew our commitment to spread light of knowledge within the L & D fraternity.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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