Marketing Strategies to Counter Recession

Marketing Strategies to Counter Recession

Financial superpowers such as the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, etc. are reeling under the heat of intense recession and the rising mercury is taking its toll on jobs and investments. India, which caters to these major outsourcing powerhouses, is also being exposed to the recession wave. Pink slips and cost-cutting have become the routine in organizations here too.

So, what should we do? Wait for the dust to settle? How long will it take?

All one can do is to predict but no certainty can be worked out. As a marketer, I should not wait for things to settle, but instead infuse my focus, energy and wisdom to make things better. How?

The world is reeling under one mantra “MORE FOR LESS.” This is the requirement of the day. If we could study this requirement and come up with strategies, these can act as the ammunition to fight recession. There is a saying, “Attack is the best form of defense.” So, why wait when we know the mantra? Just attack by making strategies around pricing. Instead of cutting jobs and investments, if we can take a cut on our margins, it would work wonders.

I see this as a fight between marketers and recession. If we have the guts to make strategies to provide “More for less,” we can definitely bring back the derailed purchase wagon on track. It would be a win-win situation for both suppliers and buyers. If we can recreate demand, the battle is won.

Murali Krishna
Sr. Manager- Business Development

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