Applying Marketing Ideas for Developing Remarkable E-learning Courses

Applying Marketing Ideas for Developing Remarkable E-learning Courses

Applying Marketing Ideas for Developing Remarkable E-learning Courses

Let’s all accept this!

We have all come across a few e-learning courses that have left the learners with frustration rather than inspiration. This can be because the courses didn’t give them what they actually wanted, when coming to highlighting the real benefits.

So, how can you overcome the situation?

Fortunately, there are some marketing ideas, which when applied can transform these ordinary courses into extra ordinary one’s which give the learner’s a remarkable experience. Let us see how to achieve this objective.

1. Understand Why Learners’ Are Taking Up The Course

For example, while creating an advertising campaign, marketers always analyze customer’s needs and take up a particular action. It may be really challenging to get customers take up health insurance or may be even more to make them buy a car based on their dependence on means of transport without knowing why they actually require it!

Likewise, we e-learning professionals want our learners to acquire certain information. In this process, we need to implement motivational techniques like using icebreakers or ‘Do You Know’ questions and add videos to convey the course intent to learners in an engaging manner.

2. Understand Learners’ Doesn’t Lack the Ability to Comprehend

Marketers never assume that their customers lack intelligence. Customer’s doesn’t lack intelligence.  In fact, they are more intelligent than us!

In the same manner, while designing an e-learning course, always keep in mind that you are dealing with adults who love to explore and learn everything by themselves. Enable hassle-free navigation throughout your course. Let the learner skip the topics that they already are familiar with. Maintain a simple menu with clear unit titles and slide titles. Use different colors to highlight instructions. In this way, learners willingly engage in the learning process, because they have greater control over the course.

3. Give Your Course A Personal Touch

Marketers always maintain a personal touch with their customers. This enhances marketing performance. This strategy involves including characters that relate and appeal to customers all through the campaign. Now how you can apply this to your e-learning course?

Transform your course from static to dynamic by personalizing it. Create stories, images, and background audios and include familiar characters that the learners can relate to. This arouses their emotions. By doing this, you are taking the e-learning experience of your learners to a whole new level.

4. Add an Element of Surprise

Marketers always incorporate an element of surprise in their advertisements to seize the attention of customers. So why can’t we use this when designing e-learning courses?

Surprise your learners. Be unpredictable. Add graphics, animations, scenarios, and game-based assessments that evoke their curiosity. Also add some challenges, such as scenarios resembling real job situations. This will ensure that learners are not only excited in taking up the course but are also able to sustain their interests till the completion of the course.

5. Maintain a Close Association

Marketers never ridicule their customers. Instead, they always reach out and see why their product is under performing. They conduct surveys and run focus groups and correct the flaws. They always accept the fact that it’s not the consumer, but the marketing strategy, that needs to be changed.

The same can be applied when developing e-learning courses. Connect with your learners personally; reach out to them for their feedback after the course. Based on the feedback, see if you can alter the course design to accommodate the requirements of your learners.

Always remember to keep all your intentions genuine and learner-centered. At every stage of course development keep checking how every element of the eLearning course will be received by your learners.

Happy learning!

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