Challenges in Marketing eLearning to Employees in an Organization

Challenges in Marketing eLearning to Employees in an Organization

Challenges in Marketing eLearning to Employees in an Organization

There have been significant developments in the eLearning industry as a whole. Despite that, there are many challenges especially when it comes to marketing eLearning within organizations.

There are largely three barriers to the employee adoption of eLearning. Let’s take a look at them individually.

Self-driven learners as a new concept: Learning or Training was traditionally imparted as an instructor-led initiative. Expecting the learners to take the initiative in acquiring knowledge is not always positively received. More so in the context of an organization; where it could be construed as an additional burden to their increasing workload by the employees. Besides, the concept of self-driven learners is fairly new. Employees still expect organizations to drive the learning initiative. This lack of drive translates into poor adoption.

eLearning Champions missing: It has been demonstrated in various universities that the role of eLearning champions is immense when it comes to promoting an eLearning initiative. However, in the corporate world it is not easy to identify an eLearning champion. Most stakeholders do commit initially to supporting this initiative, but as time goes on if there is no highly visible ROI, they drop out. In the absence of an ongoing champion, it is very difficult to make the eLearning initiative succeed.

eLearning courseware uninspiring: One of the biggest challenge that hampers the marketing of eLearning within an organization is poorly designed courseware. Even the best of marketing effort will fail if the product being marketed is of poor quality. This applies to eLearning as well. You only have to think of the many times you made a purchasing decision based on advertising, only to be disappointed when the product didn’t measure up to your expectations or quality standards.

It is not sufficient for organizations to launch an eLearning initiative within an organization. They cannot take employee participation for granted just because the learning program caters to their training requirements. Organizations need to have a planned marketing initiative wherein the benefits of eLearning to the employees need to be clearly spelled out.

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