Organizational Approaches to Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Organizational Approaches to Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Workplaces in the corporate world are increasing becoming more diverse than they were in the past. In general, an organizational approach to managing diversity includes accepting differences among employees and blending them into the organizational culture. Effective managers are aware that managing employees with diverse backgrounds calls for a different approach than it does for managing a group of employees with similar backgrounds.

According to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management, 86% of US employees believed their diversity training practices “were effective” in achieving their organization’s outcomes.

Here are a few Do’s for managing diversity in the workplace:

Ensure Polices are Performance-based

Organizations should ensure that all HR policies (hiring, promotion, salary hikes, and so on) are based on performance and do not discriminate against employees of any background. Managers monitoring employees should know the ‘discrimination laws’ and the consequences of breaking them.

Provide Training

Organizations should provide diversity training. This will help employees understand how to deal with the challenges of dealing with diversity in the workplace.

Create a Team-building Environment

Managers should create an environment that makes employees feel like a part of the bigger team. To build trust among employees, managers should implement team-building exercises. In a report by the Society for Human Resource Management, trust between employees and senior management was ranked to 64%.

Appreciating the contributions of various employees increases their confidence and morale and helps them respect each other; thus helping diversity management.

Create an Open Communication Environment

One more important thumb rule for managing diversity in the workplace is to create an atmosphere where employees can practice open communication. In business meetings, employees should be given a chance to speak and listen to others. They should also be given a suitable platform to express their concerns. It is important for the organization to treat the concerns of all employees equally.

Establish a Diversity Council

A diversity council deals with the development, implementation, and review of the action plan for cultivating diversity. It is an opportunity to build accountability into the organization’s efforts to manage diversity. The diversity council should also monitor complaints and investigate diversity-related issues.

Managing diversity in the workplace can pay rich dividends for an organization, because the strengths of diverse employees can be successfully leveraged for organizational growth.

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