Managing Diversity in the Workplace!

Managing Diversity in the Workplace!

Diversity at Workplace

Globalization has intensified competition among companies like never before. Whichever company gives the best and most creative solution to address customer needs enjoys a competitive edge in the market. And your employees are the best resource to give you that edge. The more diversified they are, the better it is for your organization. There are several advantages of diversified workforce.

Increased Productivity. With employees having a variety of skill sets, abilities, talents and experiences, you can create, execute and sustain creative solutions in various situations. You can make better decisions on resource allocations, and utilization. Besides, productivity will increase, saving you cost and time. At the same time, you can increase customer satisfaction.

Expanded Business. With employees having varied socio-cultural understanding and skills, you can cater to customers on a global scale. You can reach your customers much faster and offer your services more effectively. This can improve your chances of success in the market you enter.

Effective Business Strategies. Workplace diversity brings in a variety of ideas. This helps you come up with effective business strategies. With the variety of employees who actively participate in business decisions, you can tap into the best of ideas and execute your plans across the organization to the intended effect.

Nonetheless, a diversified workplace environment poses a few challenges of its own. In fact, it can be counter-productive, if you fail to handle it properly.

Here are few guidelines:

Accept and value your employees for what they are:
Individuals are different in their perceptions and attitudes; you must accept this. At times, you may find employees with a different set of values and preferences than yours. Each employee brings with him/her unique experiences and talents. So you need to be comfortable with these individual differences. Do not reveal your preferences and prejudices. This may intimidate your employees if their values do not match yours and they may not express their views openly.

Create a Culture of Inclusiveness:
Ensure that the atmosphere in the workplace is such that it welcomes everyone. It should encourage your employees to freely express their views, concerns and constraints without apprehensions about consequences. In addition, it should provide everyone with equal opportunities and challenges.

This is possible when you promote diversity in leadership as well. It is the people in executive and managerial positions that are in direct contact with your employees. Communication flows from there. Therefore, you need to get your managers’ commitment to the diversity plans and policies for better results.

Conduct Interactive Sessions:
Use these sessions to communicate to your employees your plans to promote diversity and collect their ideas. This helps you shape your diversity policies.

Managing diversity is critical for success in today’s increasingly globalized economies. Since diversity fosters an environment critical for your success and drives your competitiveness, it pays to properly analyze diversity in your organization, and make customized plans to sustain and nurture it. So do start today!

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