Making the E-learning Environment Relevant to Learners

Making the E-learning Environment Relevant to Learners

Making the E-learning Environment Relevant to Learners

Do you wish to develop a course that can be easily understood by your learners? Are you on the lookout for techniques to make an online course that “looks familiar” to your people? Well, then let me share our experiences in developing an effective eLearning course that helped create a familiar learning environment.

We were asked by a manufacturing giant to develop a course on their new quality processes. We designed the course in such a way that the learners could easily relate it to their experiences. I would like to share more on 3 elements that went a long way in making this course very well-received.

1. Making avatars of well-known symbols

It is common knowledge that avatars are very useful in developing an effective eLearning course as they personalize the online course. We made an avatar from a well-known symbol that the client was using to indicate the quality of their products. This symbol called “Strength only by Quality” (SobQ) is very familiar to the learners as the company had been using it for several years. This avatar welcomed the learners to the course and introduced them to it. Feedback from the learners revealed that they welcomed this idea and enjoyed the avatar very well.

2. Reflecting a classroom environment

The target audience of this course was accustomed to classroom training sessions and eLearning was introduced to them only recently. We developed the course keeping this familiar learning environment in mind. We created a classroom setting in the online course using different characters. For instance, the trainer would explain the concepts to a group of students who would interact with him. This is a screenshot from the course.

Reflecting a classroom environment

This worked wonders because we were successful in creating an ambience for our online course that was familiar to the learners.

3. Using an accent spoken by most of the learners


This was another important aspect in developing an effective eLearning course. It is common knowledge that we understand our accent better than any other. Using the learners’ accent proved very useful because they could understand the content easily and a course that is easily understood by the learners is indeed a very effective course.

Thus, we developed an excellent course by creating a familiar learning environment that allowed the target audience to relate their experiences. Using well-known symbols and the accent spoken by the learners in the course went a long way in making the course very effective. I hope you find this blog useful.

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