How to Make Your E-learning Navigation Page Interesting and Engaging?

How to Make Your E-learning Navigation Page Interesting and Engaging?

I am sure you will agree with me that all of us face the experience of trying to procrastinate routine tasks out of sheer boredom at some time or the other. It is not because of our inability to complete the tasks, but the very thought of doing the same thing again puts us off.  Imagine being able to do the same thing differently. It will add a spring to our step, break the monotony, and challenge us to take up the task with renewed vigor.

I bet you are thinking, ‘How is this relevant to eLearning?’ Well, the answer simple. Check your course navigation page. We are so often obsessed with beautifying our courses that we pay scant attention to this page. But this page is what greets our learners first and sets their impression about the rest of the course.

Is your navigation page relegated to the boring ‘Click on Numbers’ or ‘Hotspots’ functionality? If your answer is ‘Yes’, you need to take a U Turn and update your navigation page. In this blog, I will provide a few pointers on how to make your navigation page interesting and engaging.

The solution is very simple- discard the navigation page. You read correctly!!! Discard the navigation page, not its elements. Now, come up with some creative ideas to present them.

You can instruct learners to use the ‘Next’/’Previous’ buttons or the audio controls in the course introduction page itself through audio. Similarly, if you have a set of icons which appear in the course, you can introduce them on-click in the learning objectives page.

If you wish to present the navigation page comprehensively, include it in the ‘Help’ button if supported by the course GUI.

So, retain the elements of the page but use your imagination to present them in novel ways so that learners’ curiosity is heightened and attention is engaged right from the word ‘Go’.

Have other ways to make the navigation page more interesting? Do share with us!

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