3 Tips to Make Your Learners Remember More in An Online Course

3 Tips to Make Your Learners Remember More In an Online Course

3 Tips to Make Your Learners Remember More In an Online Course

An eLearning course does not become successful just by publishing and sending it to the client. Itssuccess depends on how well the learning has reached the target audiences and how well they are applying this knowledge in their day-to-day activities.So, it is essential to use some strategies that make your learners remember the information for a longer period.

Here are a few instructional strategies to help your learners.

1. Chunk the Content:

Chunk the Content

For instance, have a look at the above screenshot. This heavy text on the screen may overwhelm the learners. Most of the learners would avoid reading the information.The rest, even if they read it, would find it difficult to understand and remember. 

To help the learners understand and remember the information, chunking is the key. Break the heavy text into small, meaningful chunks so that it is easy to grasp.

Chunk the Content

2. Represent Visually: A picture is worth a thousand words. This is absolutely true for eLearning. Images give a clear understanding of the concept at a glance. A learner can reinforce the information just by remembering the image.So, it is essential to select the images that are relevant and effective.

Represent Visually

For example, have a look at the screenshot given below. The selection of plant location depends on three natural resources and the image gives a clear explanation about it.

3. Make use of Mnemonics:

Make use of Mnemonics

As a kid, I always had a problem in remembering the planets’ names in order. One day, my teacher taught me by using this mnemonic “My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets” which then helped me remember the planets in order easily.

In the same way, mnemonics serve as a very effective instructional strategy in eLearning. They help the learner retain information for a long time. Make sure that the mnemonics are apt and clear when using them in eLearning courses.

Make use of Mnemonics

The following screen shot is an example of a mnemonic that we have used to teach goal setting (SMART goals) in one of our courses.

These three instructional strategies will help your learners remember more. I hope you find this blog informative. Please do share your views on it.

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