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4 Tips To Make Self-Paced Learning Interactive and Engaging

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4 Tips To Make Self-Paced Learning Interactive and Engaging

How many of you remember your teachers who got you excited and engaged in their classes with their teaching styles? Many of us, right?

They must have followed some strategies using which they have made the students get interested and involved in the subject.

Through my experience as an Instructional designer, I noticed that the job of an Instructional designer is as similar to the job of that efficient teacher. As an Instructional designer, it is of utmost importance to own the instructional strategies which could be helpful to develop an efficient and interactive eLearning course as that of interactive environment created by your teacher.

I am going to share with you some tips on how to develop a self-paced learning course that is both interactive and engaging.

1. Analyze the content and prepare an outline.

The foundation of an effective eLearning course starts with an effective outline. Before developing an eLearning course, outline preparation is an important step to be considered. By doing so, you will be able to clearly communicate the objective of the course to the learners, that is, what the learner can do after completing the course.

Analyze the content and prepare an outline

2. Chunk down the content for efficient understanding.

Chunking is breaking down content into smaller, easily manageable pieces, which form a part of the whole. This helps to convey the meaning in a short and precise way. As an ID, it is very important for us to chunk or breakdown the large content in an efficient way. To know more about content chunking click here

Here is the example of chunking the content

Chunk down the content for efficient understanding

The above content can be chunked and can represented as

Chunk down the content for efficient understanding

3. Use interactivities

Using interactivities such as click on tabs, hotspots,drag and drop and others help learners to grasp important information and also keep learners engaged throughout the course. Making the learner perform some activities like clicking the buttons and then reading the text to navigate through the course motivates him to get involved.

Find below an example of some interactivities that we have used.

Rollovers and hot spots

Rollovers and hot spots

Click on tabs

Click on tabs

4. Making appropriate use of images and animations

Using the images and animations in the course greatly influences the learning experience. Presenting the concept with the help of images can make it easy for your learners to understand the concept and remember it for a longer time.

The working process of an equipment explained with the help of animations.

Making appropriate use of images and animations

Process of SCM explained with the help of an image.

Process of supply chain management

These are the some tips that we follow to enhance the self-paced learning courses. Have more tips? Please do share!

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