Learning Activities for making Safety Training Fun

Learning Activities for making Safety Training Fun

Safety training need not be a boring, obligatory session that fails to inspire employees. You can make these sessions fun and interactive. The challenge is to design a training program that is fun while being educative and informative. Here are some ideas to make safety training fun for learners.

Use Various Media: Using different media during the presentation keeps the interest of the learners alive. With some imagination and creativity, you will be able to come up with many options.

  • Hand-outs: Hand-outs can be used to give detailed information that has been covered in the training program for future reference. Avoid lengthy explanations. A few simple do’s and don’ts will be helpful.
  • Posters: Posters using cartoons or caricatures can serve as a quick reference that the employees can use at their work place.
  • Short Videos or Animations: Bite-size animations or videos can be used as reminders to follow safety procedures. A step-by-step procedures or a quick check list in a form of an animation is bound to generate interest among the employees
  • Safety Activities: Activities that simulate actual situations are very effective. Participants can be divided into small groups and a series of games or activities can be conducted. Let’s look at some of the games that can be used in a safety training program.
  • Role-Plays: Role plays are ideal for introducing real-life situations and can be used to encourage employees to think of the best possible practices in the given situation.
  • Skits: Participants can be divided into groups and encouraged to perform skits to explain key safety-training messages such as emergency procedures or hazard identification. The messages will thus be retained for a longer period.
  • Treasure Hunt: You can get employees to find key safety equipment such as fire extinguishers or first aid kits which are located at their designated places. This helps the employees to know the location of important safety equipment in a fun manner.

Safety Games: Familiar games can be used to solicit participation from all members.

  • Trivia Games or Quizzes: Trivia games or quizzes can be used to test the knowledge that has been acquired during the training program. Hangman for safety is one such example. Most employees are familiar with the game ‘Hangman’ and this could be effectively used to emphasize the importance of safety equipment or the correct sequence of procedures in an organization.
  • Announcing a prize: If it’s an ILT, one way to get the participants engaged is to announce a prize for correct answers at the beginning of the session – this may encourage participants to pay more attention during the training program.

Safety training activities that are fun and interactive are bound to be well received by employees. Also, it will naturally have a positive effect by way of meeting the training objectives as well.

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