Important Tips to Make Your Project Meeting Effective

Important Tips to Make Your Project Meeting Effective

For eLearning project managers, one of the most challenging tasks is to conduct productive meetings. When we get an eLearning project, we have a series of meetings with clients and internal teams to understand and execute the eLearning projects successfully.

These meetings may go haywire if we don’t have a clear agenda and ultimately it leads to prolonged meetings.

Here are a few tips on how to conduct an effective meeting.

Outline your agenda and share it

The first thing we have to do before conducting a meeting is to plan. Prepare an agenda highlighting the important points you need to cover. Share the agenda with the attendees so that they come prepared for the meeting and know what to expect. The agenda should state the goal of the meeting. Also you have to ensure that the agenda is strictly followed; if you find the meeting getting side-tracked, bring the meeting back on track based on the agenda.

Start and End the meeting on Time

Start and end the meeting as per schedule; this shows your leadership qualities. It is always a best practice to keep the meetings short so that attendees remain focused throughout the meeting. However, it all depends on the meeting type and availability of attendees.

Encourage your attendee to participate

Involve your attendees by asking questions and allow them to answer based on their interests and encourage them to share their ideas and suggestions, within the given time. If you want to give an exercise, divide them into groups and assign a task and give some time for them to prepare and then present their ideas. By this the exercise gets completed quickly, team work will be encouraged and the meeting will be more productive.

Summarize the important points to close the meeting

Wrap-up the important points discussed throughout the meeting and thank everyone for attending the meeting.

Record the minutes of the meeting and share it

Many times, once the meeting is over, we think we have successfully conducted the meeting. However, in order to complete a meeting successfully, we need to make a detailed minutes of meeting with the list of decisions made and the actions to be taken. This should also include timeframes for each action items.

These are the steps we follow when conducting a meeting. If my tips have helped you, do share your experience; I would love to hear them.

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