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Making Online Assessments Interactive and Engaging with Simple Games

Making Online Assessments Interactive and Engaging with Simple Games

It is a well-known fact that well-designed assessments play a key role in the making of a good eLearning course. They help the learner evaluate his comprehension of the subject-matter. They also help the trainer to determine whether the learning objectives of the eLearning course have been met or not.

There are essentially two kinds of assessments in eLearning courses – formative and summative.

Formative assessments are conducted at the end of each unit of an eLearning course. They are mainly diagnostic in nature and help the learner identify the gaps and review the relevant segment immediately. These assessments also facilitate effective recall as they provide an opportunity to the learner to practice in a fun-filled manner and reinforce the learning.

On the other hand, summative assessments are conducted at the end of the elearning course. They help measure the learner’s knowledge, skills and/or abilities after completing the course. By completing the summative assessments successfully, the learner can prove that he has acquired the required knowledge and/or skills to accept responsibilities at a higher level.

In most online courses, the learner has to select an option and click the ‘Submit’ button. These are effective, but can be made better using gamified elements.

This eBook shares 25 examples of how top-notch assessments can be created using gamification. Download the eBook NOW!

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