Making E-learning Videos with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Making E-learning Videos with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Making E-learning Videos with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

We can quickly create eLearning videos using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Before creating a video, it is very important to check the quality of information and media, which are included in the power point slides.

In this blog, I would like to share the steps involved in making videos using PowerPoint. Let us see them in detail.

Create a design template: To make eLearning videos using PowerPoint, you first need to create a good design template that suits the video environment. Make sure that the templates use contrasting colors, so that the content is legible. Use fonts that are clear to ensure that the text is visible.

Integrate media with Information: Proper use of media in your presentation helps you get a high-quality video. Present the right information with relevant graphics. Use graphics they are very sharp and clear and ensure that the narration or the background-music is of good quality. These things go a long way in the creation of a first-rate video.

Add Animations and Synchronize: Onceyou are done with the PowerPoint presentation, you need to animate the text and images. The use of different types of animations and effects enhances the aesthetic value of your eLearning video. Ensure that you synchronize the text and audio properly.

Convert video: Finally, you have the presentation ready and it is time to make the video. Follow the below steps to convert the presentation to video.

1. Click on the File menu
2. Select the Save As option

Save As

3. Select the file type Windows Media Video (*.wmv) from the dropdown list

Windows Media Video

4. Type the name of the presentation.
5. Click the Save button to save the presentation in video format.

Save button

It will take just a couple of minutes to save it as a video and we can see the progress on the status bar of the PowerPoint presentation, as shown below. Do not close the presentation until the presentation is saved as a video, which can be known by the automatic disappearance of the indication of progress.

Status bar

Hope these steps and information are useful in making videos from PowerPoint presentations. Please do share your views.

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