5 Tips to Make eLearning Enjoyable

5 Tips to Make eLearning Enjoyable

A successful elearning strategy requires you to first determine the needs of the learners and identify the learning objectives that meet their specific requirements. Mere lectures and one-way communication will not help as it may not be successful in making learners attentive and involved. Here are some tips that can help you design courses that are immersive, enjoyable and effective.

Deliver content through scenarios: Use stories relevant to the context to deliver content effectively with greater engagement of learners. Personalize the learning session to make it interesting by using information that the learner is already familiar with and building on it to introduce new concepts or content.

Include interactivities: Learners can apply their knowledge or recall the information that has been shared through interactivities. Learning will be effective only if you provide adequate opportunity to the learners to practice what has been taught during the sessions. It is important to keep practicing the new knowledge and skills as it is the best way to improve learning. Including interactivities such as assessments, quizzes and puzzles in the program ensures that learners get adequate practice on what has been introduced in the course.

Add attractive visuals: Keep your learners attentive by using images when possible instead of just textual content. You can use visuals which help learners frame a mental image of a concept or information for better comprehension. Statistics and data can be represented using info graphics, pie charts or diagrams. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words!

Make humor part of the content: Adding jokes, quotes and cartoons to explain a point is a good strategy for retention. It helps learners to feel comfortable and reduces anxiety & stress, increases attention, motivation and excitement. Adding a dash of humor will ensure that participants are attentive and involved in the training process. However, use it judiciously and only if it has learning value.

Provide additional resources: Any feedback that is given on the results of the assessments, quizzes or puzzles should be positive. In case they need to revisit the content and get conceptual clarity, they can be directed towards additional resources such as job aids, interesting facts, tips or guidelines with respect to the subject matter. Access to SMEs or relevant instructors who can guide and clarify their doubts will ensure that they do not discontinue the course due to inadequate support.

eLearning can be effective and immersive when learners are engaged in the learning process. Planning the content carefully by making it visually enriching, including interactivities, making it entertaining with a dash of humor and providing useful resources to supplement the content will ensure that learning is engaging.