Making Your E-learning Course More Memorable: A Simple Tip

Making Your E-learning Course More Memorable: A Simple Tip

You might have come across many eLearning courses. Which one of them do you remember the most? Which one of them made a lasting impact? Do you remember the main message and content even after months? To me, the course that managed to stick to my mind till date was the one that used a story to convey key messages.

Sometime back, I was involved in developing an eLearning course on Effective Selling Skills. The content was quite theoretical. Merely stating the steps involved in the sales process using bullet points or listing the selling skills needed for successful selling, would fail to make a lasting impact on the learner. At the same time, we didn’t have a huge budget to use fancy multimedia options such as animations or videos. So, what we decided was to have a strong storyline. Here is a screenshot from the course.

How to be a Successful Salesperson?

We created a persona of a sales person (to whom our learners would easily relate). We took the learners through the experience of this sales person and along the way shared the right and wrong way to approach a prospect.

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So, how can you make your eLearning courses memorable such that learners remember it for a long time, value the knowledge shared and apply it to their lives?

My suggestion would be to “Share a story that learners can relate to easily“.

The story should

  • have the persona similar to your target learners in mind
  • establish an emotional connect with learners
  • empathize with their needs
  • relate to their challenges and
  • offer practical solutions to the problems they encounter.

We all know that stories make a tremendous impact on learners. So, courses such as workplace harassment prevention, sexual harassment prevention, safety training, compliance training would make a better impact when told in the form of stories, scenarios or real-life case studies.

Do check out the course of Selling Skills and let me know your feedback. Has it created an impact? Would you remember the concepts after a few months?

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