How to Make E-learning Course Interesting Using Images?

How to Make Course Interesting Using Images?

Want to know how images or graphics change the look and feel of eLearning courses? Are you in need of any better methods to make your course interesting to the learners? Well let me share my experience of developing an eLearning course.

If there are no images onscreen, the course becomes lifeless, and the learner may feel disinterested.

Having images, adds support to the audio and reinforces learning. If there is visualization and audio the learner might forget the audio but not the visual appearance onscreen. The images that are self explanatory do not need much strain to work on the content onscreen.

One of our clients from a Manufacturing company came up with the requirement of developing a course on manufacturing practices for their employees. Their content was too heavy and they wanted the course to be interesting and visually great.

We have designed the course to make it interesting and interactive, which makes the learner stay tuned to the course. The most powerful agents that I specially focused on are the ones which made the course come out well. Let me introduce them to you.

  • Humanoid characters to promote culture-neutral learning: You must be familiar with the name of zoo zoos right?. These characters are interesting, attractive, and friendly and do not depict any race, gender or ethnicity, that is how they make the course culture-neutral. These funny creatures add benefits to an elearning course and are very helpful while developing a digital learning course.

Example: When we have huge content and we don’t want to have it on screen, then you can use these characters to project what you want to say with the help of audio.


Humanoid characters


  • Avatars to form relationships and personalized learning with learners: Getting bored looking at the heavy content onscreen? My answer would be yes. Then the use of avatars helps engage the learner and keep them motivated by special appearance and reinforcement. They are very simple but communicate well with the learner throughout the course. The avatars can be used as a host if it is a guided approach and they help in retaining knowledge and recalling what they have learnt.
Visual Presentation
    • Animated images to make learning fun: These creatures make learning fun as they are adorable in appearance and their actions. Its really hard to find an image that is relevant according to the content and concept. They are available in many series which suits perfectly to the content. Use of animated images will help you communicate the content in the best possible way. These creatures attracts the learners and keep them active with their funny movements.

Example: In the course, we had to show the Cross Functional Team(CFT),meeting that ensures all the internal department issues. It also describes how each member of the team individually works on the internal issues and conveys it in the meeting.

Course content

Visual Presentation


(Source: Presenter Media)

Hence we used an animated image where the creatures visually show their actions as they are discussing the status of their actions on the issues.

These characters are available in plenty and ideal for use, as they can be easily modified and edited. Using such powerful agents can really help you make learning fun, interesting and effective and ultimately a better learning.

What do you think? Do share your comments if you wish to add to the list.

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