5 Ways to Make eLearning a Pleasure

5 Ways to Make eLearning a Pleasure

5 Ways to Make eLearning a Pleasure

“Ah! Boring, training again. A criminal waste of time!” Reactions like these are not uncommon when employees are asked to attend training sessions. Could these perceptions be altered? How could we make learning in companies joyous?

Many companies use eLearning to impart training to their employees because of the format’s flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Online training in organizations could be used to provide a rich learning experience by:

Efficiently using multimedia

Multimedia helps create a rich learning experience. Graphics help hold the attention of learners better. They stimulate their thinking capabilities and facilitate efficient transfer information in less time.

Application the right audio-video strategy makes an online course captivating. Videos are informative and help engage the learners efficiently. They generate a sense of personalization and the participant is able to CONNECT TO THE COURSE.

Audio could be used to break the monotony of learning. Narration when appropriately used reduces cognitive load. Efficient use of music helps reduce stress and makes learning lively and excited.

Efficiently using multimedia

Incorporating games

We all love to listen to stories. Don’t we? Games with compelling storylines are often very successful. They help make learning effective and free of stress. They introduce the element of fun into training.

Awarding points, merit badges etc. to those who perform well in the serious games in corporate training sessions motivates learners to perform better. Games help learners focus their efforts on something they enjoy – playing games. This makes learning enjoyable.

Incorporating games

Unleashing the power of social learning

Most of us feel happy when we interact with our colleagues. Why? This is because man is a social animal and cannot learn effectively when isolated.

Social media helps the learner exchange his ideas and thoughts with his peers and learn from their experiences. Social learning is informal – devoid of the pressure of formal training processes.

Presenting content in small chunks

Often, learners in corporate training programs find themselves overwhelmed when presented with large quantities of information and face difficulties in comprehending it.

By breaking voluminous content into several smaller lessons, efficient learning could be facilitated. These lessons can be “digested” easily by the participants of a training course.

Personalize the training

Learners could enjoy the training when they are able to identify themselves with it. The training needs to be practical and provide solutions to their problems.

Online courses that meet the needs and learning styles of the participants create learner delight because they help them “efficiently and effectively get what they want.”

eLearning when efficiently used makes a corporate training session memorable. How do you make online learning a pleasure? We would love to learn from your experiences.

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