How To Make Your Compliance Training Effective through E-Learning

How To Make Your Compliance Training Effective through E-Learning

Compliance training is educating your employees and making them aware of the laws, rules and regulations that they need to follow in their working environment. This kind of training is beneficial to organizations and employees, as it helps avoid risks and keep the environment safe.

Why eLearning?

the Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey stated that about 98% of organizations prefer technology-based compliance training to educate their employees.
This is because eLearning is cost-effective and can reach wide audiences. It also helps maintain learners’ records, keep track of the their performance and so on.

Here are a few tips that help develop effective compliance training courses.

What’s in It for Me?

If you want to keep your learners motivated and make them take up the course with interest, then it is advisable to inform them at the beginning of the course what they would learn in the course and how it would help them accomplishtheir job related tasks.

Scenarios and Case-studies

These kind of approaches help improve the thinking skills of the learner. They help him to look at an issue from different perspectives and also helps him improve his decision making skills. Consider this example, where work-place violence was depicted in the form of scenario. This approach is not only engaging, but is also effective in teaching the learners.

Scenarios and Casestudies

Involve the Learner

In compliance courses, we usually find complex content with a lot of legal terminology, and learners have to remember most of it. So, it is better to involve the learners by including various interactivities such as quizzes, games, situation analyses and so on. They help the learner to retain the content for a long period of time.

Assessments and Feedback

Your learners should be able to retain the knowledge or skills they have acquired and be able to apply them in their workplace. For this, you need to include assessments in your course to evaluate the learners on the knowledge they have gained. Besides, provide them with appropriate feedback on the answers they select. The learner must be told clearly why he is correct when he selects the right option and why he is wrong when he selected the wrong one.

Assessment and Feedback

By following these tips, you can develop effective courses. Hope this blog is useful. Please do share, if you have anything to add.

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