LinkedIn’s Acquisition of Lynda: Is V-learning the New Word?

LinkedIn’s Acquisition of Lynda: Is V-learning the New Word?

LinkedIn’s Acquisition of Lynda: Is V-learning the New Word?

Welcome to today’s blog post. It’s been quite some time since something really interesting happened in the eLearning industry; something that could bring in a new face to the domain, something that could leave a mark for years to come. A couple of months ago, the renowned career skills educator company has been purchased by LinkedIn for an amount of $1.5 billion. The amount and the acquisition has taken many experts by surprise, leaving a few that have already visualized the learning revolution which could surface only through social media integration into learning. Let’s dig a little deep into the origins of Lynda and try to understand what this acquisition means to the future of the training industry.

What is Lynda?

Back in 1995, Lynda Susan Weinman, a 40 year old multimedia professor started a website to help her students with her books on web design. Today, the website serves all the training needs of its users with hundreds of videos on several categories such as business, design & development, photography, video and many more. (Source:

Why Lynda’s special?

There are several hundreds of video-based courses on the web that teach the same subjects as Lynda offers. But what makes Lynda special? Lynda always had a special place when it comes to product quality. The quality of the content produced is regarded as the best in the industry. The content producers at Lynda are the secret behind this accomplishment. Lynda always focused on employing industry experts with profound knowledge that take learners through the subject with ease. Every e-learning company puts its heart and soul in developing courses that engage learners especially when the training is mandatory. Lynda hits a home run here with the unmatched quality standards in terms of content and clarity.

LinkedIn with Lynda; what could this mean?

The main aim of LinkedIn is to serve working professionals and connect them with job opportunities. But the users can make good use of these opportunities only if their skillset matches the requirements. And Lynda offers nothing but skill development courses. With their missions aligned, these two companies together could be a helping hand for job-aspirants globally. Imagine the redesigned job-search feature in LinkedIn that not only connects you to the job matching your skills, but also will notify you of additional skills you can acquire(from Lynda) in order to receive a better opportunity.

Looking from another perspective, this acquisition will also emphasize the effectiveness of video-based learning in skill development. Even after the rise of advanced e-learning programs such as simulations and virtual/augmented reality based learning, videos stand as a great resource for learning. Post the acquisition, Lynda’s instructional methods have become even more popular and, this could mean a deviation in learning trends towards video-based learning or what I would like to call v-learning.

Finally, integration of social media into learning is the best thing any learning professional can wish for right now, and this acquisition has made it a reality.

Let me end this blog post with a reference to one good v-learning website I’ve come across recently, examfear. This site hosts a huge number of educational video lessons to help the students of classes IX to XII at no cost.

Hope this blog post is informative.

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