Various Levels of Tracking in E-learning

Various Levels of  Tracking in E-learning

Companies track learner process using various options. Some want to know whether the learner has completed all pages, while others are only interested in finding out whether the learner has completed the final quiz.

Here, I would like to share with you that there are various scenarios in eLearning course tracking. I have listed the scenarios that we usually develop for our clients.

1. Summative Assessment Score

Most of the eLearning courses are developed with a summative assessment. This assessment helps decide the course completion of the learner i.e., we can track the course status, based on the score gained in the assessment. A minimum passing score will be set for completion, and this may 70% or 80%based on the requirement.

 2. All Page Visit

In some cases, we don’t have summative assessments in courses. In this scenario, the course completion can be tracked based on the pages visited in the course. We can set the status as “completed”, only after the last page is visited or all pages are visited. Recently, we have identified an issue in tracking of a course developed using Articulate Storyline course. The course could not be tracked even after the learner has visited all pages. This happened because the criteria for course completion were erroneously set. They stated that the Help page and Resource Page from the GUI had to be visited, for the course to be considered completed. Hence, we should not include the GUI pages in the course completion criteria.

 3. All Page Visit + Summative Assessment Score

In some cases, we can track the courses based on the visits to pages and summative assessment score. In this scenario, we have two options. One option is that learner has to complete all pages and attempt the summative assessment and other option is that he can attempt assessment directly without visiting the pages. Course completion can be tracked, based on the assessment score.

4. Formative assessments without summative assessment

We can track the course completion based on the learner’s score in formative assessments. In this scenario, we don’t have a summative assessment and formative assessments will have to be attempted after completing each topic. Finally, the course will be tracked based on the score obtained in the formative assessments.

There are other course completion criteria that you use in eLearning courses, but these are the most prevalent options that we normally use. I hope you find this blog informative. Do share your views.

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