What Can Instructional Designers Learn from Ad-film Makers?

What Can Instructional Designers Learn from Ad-film Makers?

Welcome to today’s post. Being a native of the country where we watch movies in the middle of advertisements on television, I started wondering how these ad film makers desperately try to hold the viewers from switching the channel. I’m amazed by the creativity levels in some of the advertisements that drive the interest of the viewer irrespective of the relevance of the product to him. There are many things in common between the development process of eLearning courses and film making which you can learn from this cool elearning development and ad-film makersinfographic.

Today, I will share a few things that instructional designers can learn from ad-film makers.

Uninteresting Product – Stimulating Portrayal: One myth in the eLearning industry is that not every topic or subject gives us a scope to present effectively. For example, while developing an online course on business excellence models, we comfortably say that these topics cannot be presented in an interesting manner and the learner has to learn them only through tables and graphs. But, this is not true. Many of the interesting advertisements out there belong to a product that is not very impressive or rather useful. We have to take the challenge of presenting such concepts through better and creative representation to settle them in the learner’s cognitive domain.

Maximum Information in Minimum Time: We often come across lengthy eLearning courses with seat times testing the patience of the learner. One quick thing to learn from ad film makers is that they provide all the information required to the viewer in minimum time. That is, you will get an idea of the product and its features in a few seconds. Similarly, we eLearning course designers can work towards providing more information in less time effectively. A good example for this approach is the use of infographics.

Everything Has a Story: Using scenarios in eLearning courses is very common these days. But, we often get stuck trying to build scenarios around complex concepts. This is where we need to take a look again at the advertisements. Whatever be the content, they build beautiful scenarios that start somewhere and slowly take us to the actual information they are trying to convey. We need to think out-of-the-box to get such creative ideas. For example, if you are teaching about equipment safety to technicians, you need to struggle to create a realistic scenario around equipment safety. You can as well start from introducing safety using examples such as crossing the streets.

There are many other things that we can learn from ad filmmakers, which help us overcome our biggest challenge as an instructional designer – visualization.

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