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What Google Homepage Can Teach L & D and Corporate Training Professionals?

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What Google Homepage Can Teach L & D and Corporate Training Professionals?

Google – A friend, adviser, teacher, and you can name it in any way you want. We are now living in a world, where the word Google is used as a synonym for the word search. In this blog, I would like to share 4 aspects that learning and development professionals can learn from the Google Homepage.

1. Give learners what they want

When you enter a term in the Google search box, it will provide information that is relevant to and required by you. In the same way, as a learning professional, before you start your work, take time to understand what your learner want and work accordingly. Your learners will be pleased if they get what they are looking for.

2. Offer learners a choice to select their own language

Google offers its services in different languages to reach a wide range of audience. Likewise, see if you can reach a wide range of global audience by developing e-learning courses in the regional languages of your learners.

3. Create interactivities that engage your learners

Google through its home page created enthusiasm among its users by adding appropriate doodles to celebrate holidays, mark events and highlight achievements and also recognize important people. In the same way, as a learning professional, you can create enthusiasm in your learners by creating engaging, real-time scenarios and include game-like interactivities, which increase the involvement of the learners to complete the course.

4. Offer learners additional resources

Google clearly categorized their information segments under headings like Web, Images, News, Videos, and so on to make it easy for learners to choose what they want. Similarly, as an ID, you can make the learning easy when content is presented well. By supporting your content with relevant images and appropriate audio, you can make the learning easy and happy for your learners.

5. Don’t clog the screen

The Google homepage is so simple and apt that it only has the Search box present in it and no elements clog the page. Similarly, don’t load the slides of your e-learning courses with extensive content and too many images. Keep it simple and trust me this is the most effective way too.

Hope you find this blog informative. Please do share your views!

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