Four Exciting Learning Trends of 2013

Four Exciting Learning Trends of 2013

Those who try to do something and FAIL.. are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed..

Rapid technological innovations have changed the way the world operates. Today, there are changes in the way we work, shop and socialize. Interestingly the advancement of technology has changed the way we learn too.

As an E-learning Professional I would like to share with you the 4 Most Exciting Learning Trends to watch out for in 2013.

1. Gamification:

Do you want your training to be more fun oriented? If yes, the concept of Gamification is for you. Games create curiosity in the minds of learners and motivate them to learn. Having realized this, organizations are working towards betterment of their e-training using the concept of gaming, as it helps eliminate boredom and makes training more effective.

2. Social Learning:

Social Learning can be defined as, learning with others or learning from others. We have witnessed that any information can be accessed with just a single mouse click and we can also connect to anyone across the world almost instantaneously. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., encourage users to share and access information and this enhances the ease of the learning process for an individual. The students of Shenandoah University posted tweets on the characters, or units of information they had learned in the university. On reading them, the instructors came to have deeper insights about the critical thinking abilities of the students.

3. MOOC:

Massive open online courses referred to in short as MOOCs, offer university courses for free or at low cost. EdX, Coursera and Udacity are some of the online portals offering MOOCs. MOOCs are a great resource for the general public, who lack access to college courses. It is interesting to know what an impact such certifications would have in the future.

4. M-learning:

Now-a-days everything has become mobile friendly and e-learning is no exception. The evolution of Smartphones and Tablets made the concept of ‘M-learning’ possible. Recently a survey stated that approximately 80% of organizations reported an interest in mobile learning. This lead to a lot of exploration in this field and thus made it a red hot trend to watch out for.

These are the 4 exciting trends that come to my mind and am going to keenly watch out how they will influence the learning environment. What are the trends you have observed and are looking forward to? Do share your thoughts on this.

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