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Leveraging Learning Technology to Impart Excellent Workplace Training [Video]

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Leveraging Learning Technology to Impart Excellent Workplace Training [Video]

How can you impart the best training to your personnel? What does it take to make sure that your people have the right knowledge and skills to deal with a highly complex, ever-changing business environment? Well, you need to use learning technology to impart workplace training.

Revolutionary developments in technology have made corporate training highly flexible and enable the busy employee to access courses anytime, anywhere. Technology-enabled training programs are very cost-effective and reduce the time taken for delivering training considerably. Various studies have revealed that companies using learning technologies were able to cut workplace training costs by at least 50%, and delivery times have gone down by 60%. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when Global Industry Analysts Inc. reported that the global market for e-learning solutions would reach $107 billion, registering a near 100% growth.

Are you too planning to climb the learning technology bandwagon? Then, check out the highly informative webinar Harnessing E-learning to Deliver Effective Workplace Training. The webinar answers the following questions.

  • How can learning technology be used to meet your training objectives?
  • Why do you need to go in for technology-enabled learning solutions?
  • What are the issues in implementing technology-enabled learning solutions and how can they be resolved?
  • What does it take initiate e-learning in your organization effectively?

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