Enjoy Learning New Things!

Enjoy Learning New Things!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines knowledge as (i) expertise and skills acquired by a person through experience or education or (ii) the awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.

Simply speaking, knowledge is the assured insight of a subject with the ability to use it for a specific purpose. Do you learn something new every day?

A human being’s quest to gain knowledge or information is insatiable. The pursuit can go beyond one’s professional training or education. A child can teach an adult something profound and easily adaptable. One good exercise to keep your brain cells active all through life is to learn something new every day. After all, if our responsibilities in life continue, so should our learning.

So, how do you learn something new every day? Here are some tips:

Read: It’s a good way to learn something new. With the advent of the Internet, you have access to infinite information on the A-Zs of practically everything under the sun. If reading online isn’t your cup of tea, choose an interesting book, encyclopedia, etc, from your local library or just devour your local newspaper. You can even learn how your favorite chips are packed.

As a child, you asked your parents infinite number of questions each day. Over the years, you lost this habit somewhere. Now, start asking questions once again. There is nothing demeaning about asking questions because it’s the starting place of learning something new, just as children do.

Learn to listen: Being a good listener will help you learn new things. Listen to what your spouse, child, colleague or boss say. Contemplate and process the information mentally for the future.

Learn to slow down: Notice your surroundings and discover new things. If you take a relaxing walk, you will learn to absorb the beauty of Nature, and perhaps learn a thing or two about new friends you make while taking walks, etc.

Watch something meaningful on a regular basis: Informative channels like Nat Geo, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc are informative in their content. Get into the habit of watching educative information to increase your and your child’s knowledge. Surely, TV will never be called the ‘idiot box’ in your home.

The appetite for learning is ravenous. To gain knowledge, one does not need formal education or training.

Do share your thoughts on the same.

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  • Great suggestions, especially about slowing down. There is so much to see everywhere one looks, so don’t hurry through life.

  • Satish Padmanabhan

    Great brief points, Its worth imbibing.

  • Orlando Rios

    I love this topic, I make it a point to learn new things everyday, from the moment I open my eyes, till the moment I close them for sleep (even then, I manage to dream lucid from time to time, and extract some incredible lessons from my dreams).

    I accomplish this learning by reading constantly about all the subjects that I am passionate about and making a conscious effort to put that new knowledge into practice as soon as the opportunity presents itself: working or discussing with others or by myself.

    I believe that Knowledge comes in tiny increments, not all at once. We build knowledge of one thing, based in millions of bits and pieces that support the realization of any particular concept.

    This week for example, I learned a little more:
    tips on how to program iPhone and Android applications,
    vocabulary words from Chinese,
    usable web links,
    book references (from the books I am currently reading),
    tips on how to communicate better with God, Family, friends, work, society at large,
    discreet math (to support my programming learning),
    social networking (online/offline) and Social Media Marketing,
    Money management,
    online searches,
    problem solving techniques,
    spiritual introspection,
    brain care,
    speed reading techniques,
    physical exercise,
    health care,
    contemporary literature and poetry (american and world wide),
    living conditions in advanced countries and countries in development,
    politics (local, national, international),
    native peoples of the world affairs (we have to listen to them),
    my family ( I get to know them better everyday, as I get to know myself),
    gardening (flowers, vegetables, fruit trees),
    wild animals, insects,
    modern theories of body language,
    what motivate us?,
    sartre and his meaning to the world,
    improve my teaching of english as a second language,
    guitar and sax playing… to list a few.

    I don’t pretend to know a lot, all the contrary, I just want to share my interests and passions, and that perhaps what I have learned the most, is that there is plenty of time in the day to accomplish lots and lots of learning, if that is what we want.

    I am looking forward for the comments of others, and your own elucidations, so that I can fine tune and accelerate my learning.