Learning, Growing and Contributing at CommLab India

Learning, Growing and Contributing at CommLab India

It gives me great pleasure to post my comments on CommBlog.

For those of you who do not know me, I am the one of the founder and now the CEO of CommLab India, a custom elearning company. It has been a roller coaster ride from the time my partner Ayesha and I started the company in 2000, with single computer and a sole employee, Christopher. Both of us left decent jobs to start this company, to create a unique organization where members can learn, explore, grow and make a lot of money, without the usual politics, nepotism and bossism. We also wanted to be our own masters, answerable to no one, except our own consciences.

CommLab India Team
CommLab India Team

Looking back, after 8 years, I think we achieved a fair degree of success. From day one, we decided that CommLab would be a flat organization, with minimum of hierarchy and meritocracy calling the shots. Relatives and friends ipso facto were disqualified from taking employment in the company. We also made an ironclad rule never to borrow or take in investors to whom we need to answer. All these conditions did slow down our growth in a conventional way but they have also given us a rich bounty – a excellent team of self-driven leaders, negligible employee turnover, fabulous growth with zero debts, Fortune 500 clients in 5 countries, foreign tours and the usual goodies of success not only for us but for our employees.

What is so special about CommLab for a prospective employee?

Well! To start with, we take care of the basics. In a city like Hyderabad where software companies default of paying salaries as a rule rather than an exception, CommLab, irrespective of its performance, pays its employees salaries on first of every month, all these 8 years, without fail. Also, every six months, salaries are revised! The company has its own cafeteria, not off-loaded to caterers, but run by company employed cooks, to serve healthful, tasty and sumptuous food, every single day, absolutely free of cost. Our managers have visited USA to represent the company in an international seminar and expo. For a company of our size, this is probably another first where managers were sent instead of the owners rushing off on foreign jaunts.

These are a few interesting things about CommLab! As we always say, “In CommLab, there are only pilots, no passengers!”, where you can chart your own career and life, where dreams come true.


Chief Executive Officer

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