Learning Bursts – Effective E-learning Courses

Learning Bursts – Effective E-learning Courses

Are your employees fed-up with long eLearning courses? Are drop-outs for online courses increasing in your organization? Are you looking for a solution that will make your learners complete their trainings and help them work effectively? This blog provides solutions for all your problems.

Most organizations today are moving towards short yet powerful courses that deliver the key points to the learner in a very short duration, called learning bursts. These are short eLearning courses, which are not more than 20 minutes. They deliver specific content to meet the purpose of the training, without any excess content which is irrelevant to the topic and engage the learner with interactivities. Employees in sales, technical and software departments are finding these learning bursts convenient, as they can complete the courses during their breaks, travel, clients’ receptions, etc.

Benefits of learning bursts:

Economical training solutions

Learning bursts are opposite to lengthy courses, which are almost 60 minutes in duration and end up teaching too much to the learners. Lengthy courses leave learners frustrated with cognitive load and do no result in effective learning. Whereas, learning bursts are ‘to the point’ and deliver bite-sized information that result in easy and effective learning.

Quick development of the eLearning

As the learning bursts are less than 20 minutes, their development time is quite less when compared to other eLearning courses. Depending on the tool and the interactivities used, they can be developed in a week’s time.

Increased completion rate of eLearning courses

It has been observed that the number of drop-outs has come down considerably when employees were assigned with learning bursts. As learning bursts can be completed conveniently in quick time, staff members were more interested to take up the training’s.

Effective learning in less duration

Employees need not sit for hours in training rooms to complete their training’s. Learning bursts are short courses, which have a huge impact on learners.

Handouts for on-the-job reference

At the end of the learning burst, we can give job-aids to the learners to help them in their daily tasks. These job-aids can be in the form of a quick summary of what they’ve learnt, a checklist, or a table to compare their key features of a product, etc.

Transform your existing and new eLearning courses into learning bursts to make them more effective and interesting for your learners. This change will result in a positive training culture in your organization.

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